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Disease - Carrying Bugs

On a daily basis, most every person in the world, knowingly or unknowingly, will become exposed to bugs that are capable of conveying a disease to them.

Some of these diseases can be very hazardous to your health, including do damage to your brain. Even without the transfer of any serious disease, bugs can and do bite, making a person quite uncomfortable.

On the back side of the coin, some people in this world have more capability than others to recognize when they are placing themselves into risky situations. This certainly applies to infants and young children, and in some cases applies to senior citizens.

When it comes to preventing exposure to disease, persons with mental handicaps often need extra advice and assistance.

California has experienced some changing weather patterns during recent years, and this summer has been unusually hot and humid. As a result of the weather changes, there also has been a change in the numbers and types of biting insects around.

This issue of The Prevention News will include information and advice selected to assist family members, caretakers, and friends with their responsibility to keep blood-thirsty, potentially disease-carrying bugs separate from their human targets.

You will find that most of these bugs require the same prevention strategies reduce the bug population, stay away from high risk areas, use repellents, and cover up.

Peter Leibert, editor


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