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Thank You to Our Sponsor

The Epsilon Sigma Alpha organization International is a “leadership service group” that challenges, and assists its members to gain the confidence and the competence to take on the world and make an impact in a very positive way. 

Much like the Arc, the ESA is made up of locally-based chapters of individuals that provide direct service hours to help others, and then they still go further and raise a lot of charitable dollars which they donate to others.

The California state council of the ESA has collectively really made historical impact on the ability of the Arc-California to achieve its goals. 

Much of ESA’s contribution has been directed toward the Prevention component of our state Arc activities during the past 39 or 40 years. The primary prevention of mental retardation and other developmental disabilities is a prime interest within our movement. 

Thank you Epsilon Sigma Alpha! 

California State Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha International 

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