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Health Promotion
Diet Time

It is that time of the year again, so I weighed myself this morning, and then spent the next hour looking for that old reliable “Easy Ways To Cut Calories.” I have used the diet before and it does work quite well, provided that I read it over two or three times each day. My will power is not what it used to be.

This year, my son Patrick is going to have to go on this diet with me. Maybe we all need to do it.
Here is a list of my easy ways.

Examine your diet and decide where you can reduce your intake. Target your reductions to consume 1/3 less.

Eat a breakfast. This step helps you reduce the sizes of your lunch and dinner meals.

Use lower calorie, lower fat foods in place of regular versions.

Eat wheat grain bread packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, instead of the empty calorie white bread.

Make a special effort to reduce the volume of fried foods you eat. Bake your chicken and “fries” instead.

Use CHOICE or SELECT grades of meat, and only use white meat poultry that is skinless.

Start each dinner meal with a bowl of vegetable soup, or a large salad.

Gradually reduce the size of each food portion.

Check you weight regularly and congratulate your success.

Okay, I wrote down my weight and Patrick’s weight on my calendar. Next issue of this newsletter is in two months. 

- Peter

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